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Road to the Deep South – A journey by Ricky Phoolka

The Single Rider Ricky Phoolka on The Road for an awesome Adventure from Manchester (UK) to Pyrenees (ES) and back. Riding through Mountains, Rain, Cold and Desert he’s rocking our masterpiece “Varenne” Black Leather Jacket 🐎🔥 Going around Huesca in the Aragon region, passing through the Natural Park of Fuentes Carrionas, Bardenas Reales de Navarra and [...]

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Looking for the Shangri-La

It's all about Passion, Tradition, Quality. In the Heart of Northern Italian Alps, known for its 100 year history of craftsmanship that may continue for the next 100 years, countless hours pass mastering the art of blending tradition and innovation. The result is the creation of essential garments designed for Bikers, Rockers and Gentlemen. [...]

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New Heritage Festival 2018, Düsseldorf 🇩🇪

On November 3-4 we took part in New Heritage Festival in Düsseldorf (Germany 🇩🇪). New Heritage is where Quality takes place, it's a homage to Craftsmanship and Timelesness; it showcases two days of manufactories and small businesses who are aware of traditional craftsmanship, sustainability through quality and their own personal "heritage". The exhibitors create products [...]

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Road to Marseille 🇫🇷: Shangri-La Heritage Official Partner of Royal Cambouis 4

What an honor to have been Official Partner of Royal Cambouis 4 Exhibition Show in Sausset-Les-Pins (Southern France 🇫🇷). For the occasion we brought into "la Tenda" the New "Single Rider" Raw Canvas Jacket 15,6 Oz in color Ivory, Black and Army Green. This beauty will age through the years like a dream. Designed and tested [...]

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On the Road: the legendary Crocedomini Pass

Crocedomini Pass (1895 mt), Northern Italian Alps - July 2018. We took an amazing Road Trip in the Northern Italy riding the legendary Crocedomini Pass. In constant search of the Perfect Road, getting Lost, living in the Wilderness, discovering Beautiful Places. Looking for the Shangri-La. During our journey we also filmed our forthcoming video, [...]

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London Days 🇬🇧

London, June 2018. We spend a couple of days meeting good friends, visiting amazing stores, getting inspired by the shapes and the colours of this beautiful city. Let the photos taken by our friend Nathan P Reid speak for themselves. Thanks again mate! Shoreditch Shoreditch At The Bike [...]

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NORTHERN ITALIAN ALPS – Brescia Lakes and Passes

Hey Riders! We want to continue to present you the beauties of the Northern Italian Alps with this section, where you will find amazing itineraries which lead you through astonishing landscapes and fantastic roads. This time its the turn of the Province of Brescia with its Pure Mountain Lakes. The province of Brescia is [...]

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